Navigating the
Future of Global
Commodities Trade

Streamlining and revolutionizing the grain and fertilizer trading sectors through innovation, expertise, and commitment.

About Us

Founded in 1987, BAGS Group is a consortium of privately-held companies rooted in the commodities sector. With our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, we strategically operate from the heart of Europe, with a broad international presence across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Our primary focus is optimizing the purchase chain of grains and fertilizers, aimed at enhancing supply chain efficiency and reducing costs.

Services: Catering to Diverse Stakeholders

End Customers

Providing direct grain delivery and comprehensive supply chain management including logistics, distribution, and price hedging to ensure seamless production processes.

Institutional Investors

Offering investment opportunities in key sectors such as grains, real estate, and logistics to diversify portfolios and capitalize on industry growth.


Overseeing vessels, managing operations, strategic bidding, providing financial services, and ensuring dispute resolution and contract fulfillment.

MENA Funds

BAGS Group has evolved into a significant player in fertilizer and grain trading, with a strong international presence spanning the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. This has been made possible by a robust network of production, logistics, and trading companies.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is not only to optimize the logistics process and ensure fair pricing but also to promote transparency and ethical practices within the industry. At BAGS Group, we stand for sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships that provide value to all stakeholders.