Championing Efficiency in Commodity Trading

Since 1987

Founded in 1987, BAGS Group is a consortium of privately-held companies rooted in the commodities sector. With our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, we strategically operate from the heart of Europe, with a broad international presence across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Our primary focus is optimizing the purchase chain of grains and fertilizers, aimed at enhancing supply chain efficiency and reducing costs.



Our vision is to enable fair and equitable access, movement, and pricing of resources based on actual need, not speculation. We aim to promote transparency and ethical practices in the commodities industry and ensure all stakeholders benefit from sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships.


We are committed to creating a resilient supply chain that ensures the timely and equitable flow of grain to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and then around the world. We strive to align our efforts with each country’s national food security program to promote a sustainable and reliable system. By developing this robust supply chain, we aim to ensure fair prices and the continued availability of essential grains, promoting global food security and well-being worldwide.


Our commitment is not only to optimize the logistics process and ensure fair pricing but also to promote transparency and ethical practices within the industry. At BAGS Group, we stand for sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships that provide value to all stakeholders.

We aim to promote transparency and ethical practices in the commodities industry.