Streamlining the Grain Purchase Chain for MENA Markets

BAGS Group has evolved into a significant player in fertilizer and grain trading, with a
strong international presence spanning the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. This has been made possible by a robust network of production, logistics, and trading companies.

Grain Trading from Latin America, Europe, and the Black Sea to MENA Markets

Grain to MENA

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Barley
  • Soybeans

Fertilizer to Europe

  • Urea
  • Phosphate
  • Potash
  • Sulphur

Offering Diverse Investment Options for Different Risk Tolerances and Timeframes

We’re not about speculative bets on abstract financial products or complex algorithms. It’s about investing in tangible, hard assets like grains that form the backbone of our global food supply. Ocean-going vessels are essential cogs in the wheel of international trade. And assets like real estate in the form of terminals and silos are indispensable nodes in our global logistics network.

Offering Diverse Investment Options for Different Risk Tolerances and Timeframes

Investing in these assets not only generates a return for the investor but also adds value for society by boosting economic activity, promoting innovation, and supporting industries that create jobs. With our comprehensive range of opportunities across the commodity supply chain, we cater to diverse risk tolerances and investment horizons, enabling investors to contribute to the real economy while achieving their financial goals.

Asset Management

Expert Team under Management of dipl.-ing. Auf Amer

MENA Grain Supply Fund

100.000.000 USD
min 1 Year Commitment

MENA Maritime Fund

50.000.000 USD
min 3 Year Commitment

MENA Terminals & Silos Fund

75.000.000 USD
min 5 Year Commitment

Fund Operator/ Admin/ Custodian/ Registrar

Crestbridge Bahrain

Investment Areas

Investment Strategies

MENA Grain Demand & Logistics

  • Fill part of MENA’s grain shortage, targeting 2.5% market share
  • Develop terminals and storage facilities in MENA for efficient grain trading
  • Export excess MENA fertilizers to grain suppliers
  • Optimize logistics to reduce costs and CO2 emissions

Grain Trading & Operations

  • Acquire grain terminals, silos, and facilities in low-risk areas
  • Purchase grains strategically during harvest for price benefits
  • Implement price hedging strategies
  • Store grains for potential future price benefits
  • Offer wide grain quantities at competitive resale prices

Transport & Fertilizer Pricing

  • Acquire vessels for regular shipments to reduce transport costs
  • Offer competitive fertilizer pricing leveraging lower transport costs

Our commitment is not only to optimize the logistics process and ensure fair pricing but also to promote transparency and ethical practices within the industry. At BAGS Group, we stand for sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships that provide value to all stakeholders.