Transforming Worldwide
Commodities Trading

Our expertise spans various domains:

Development of new distribution channels

Comprehensive logistics management

Marketing of both hard and soft commodities

Catering to Diverse Stakeholders

End Customers:

Customized Grain Delivery for Enhanced Production Processes

Our primary customers at BAGS Group include mills, feed mills, and importers responsible for local distribution. Our grain delivery strategy is based on ocean going vessels, ranging from coasters up to panamax vessels.

In the dynamic world of commodity markets, we understand and adapt to market trends, fundamental market changes, and macroeconomic relationships. This expertise enables us to implement flexible price hedging strategies. We use a variety of tools — from cross-product hedging to financial products — to ensure a smooth, reliable, and economically efficient grain supply process for our customers.

Institutional Investors:

A Broad Range of Investment Opportunities

The BAGS Group offers a broad spectrum of investment opportunities through its Physical Grain Funds, Maritime Funds, and Terminals and Silos Funds. Each of these fund types plays a unique role in the grain supply chain and offers different levels of liquidity and investment horizons to meet the diverse needs of investors.

Physical Grain Funds are highly liquid because the underlying assets are all cash or grain. This allows investors to liquidate their positions within 90 days of the first year, providing a flexible and adaptable investment option.

The Maritime Funds offer investments in ocean-going vessels with cargo capacities ranging from 3k MT to 85k MT. These funds are less liquid but offer a medium-term investment perspective of 3 years.

The Terminals and Silos Funds offer a long-term investment opportunity. With underlying assets in real estate – particularly terminals and silos leased on a temporary basis – these funds offer stable returns for a minimum investment period of 5 years.

By investing in our diversified range of funds, institutional investors can broaden their portfolios, tailor investments to their risk profile and benefit from the growth potential of the commodities sector.


Leveraging Expertise for Superior Execution

Our operational strategy is based on the extensive expertise of our dedicated teams. 

Our chartering department has over three decades of experience and is entrusted with chartering vessels. We have established close relationships with all significant ship owners in the Mediterranean, which is critical for operations in the MENA countries.

Our contract execution team, with over 30 years of experience and GAFTA training, excels at understanding and mitigating risks during contract execution. We have an office in every country in which we operate. Each office is headed by a dedicated Country Manager who oversees all activities in their respective market. This local, expert-led approach enables us to manage operations, execute contracts, and effectively mitigate risks.

We maintain close working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including producers, originators, governmental entities, and private customers.